FEXP Design provides solutions for branding and website design.

We are here to help your small business grow. From eCommerce to personal websites, let us help you move your dream, vision and plans forward. We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses across the Americas to create beautiful, brilliant, effective brands and websites.


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Website Design

We know the process of coming up with content and style can be daunting. So we provide you with expert level graphic design; interface design; authoring, user experience design; and search engine optimization. We use the agile design process to divide the functionality into small useful releases that can be delivered independently. This helps us get quick feedback along with low cost change management and a shorter turn around.

Website Design

 DEFINE, DESIGN, REFINE & BUILD! That’s the process we use when building quality websites for our customers. We work with you through the 10 key steps of building a fantastic website for small businesses. This assures that your business will stand out and succeed in the online marketplace.


What’s included:

  • ​E-commerce Store Set-up (includes 4 categories with 5 products in each to get you started)

  • 4  Pages (or on Parallax site w/ anchors) – (example: Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us) 

  • 3-4 week turnaround & delivery

  • Mobile optimization

  • Optimized SEO and Accessibility

  • Two review & revision rounds

Add-on’s for additional fee:

  • Social Media Integration and Marketing
  • ​​Add’l Pages on Primary Site

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Site Maintenance

  • ​Blog Set-up

Not included: Cost for domain name and website hosting


What’s included:

  • Pages included: 4  (or on Parallax site w/ anchors) – (example: Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us) 

  • 4 week turn around & delivery
  • Mobile optimization

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Two review & revision rounds

Add-on’s for additional fee:

  • ​E-commerce Store Set-up

  • Add’l Pages on Primary Site

  • Social Media integration & Marketing
  • Site Maintenance
  • ​Blog Set-up

Not included: Cost for domain name and website hosting


Content Strategy

Content gathering (words, images, videos, stock keeping unit’s you name it) is the most important and time consuming part of a website design or redesign projects. To execute this portion of a project it takes a sound strategy. First we make sure that there is clear and open communications between our team and our clients to save time and energy.

We then help the client determine how to divide and conquer content gathering within their organization by making sure there is a sense a realism and a unified vision of the timeline. At FEXP DESIGN, we are firm believers in “one place for everything.” Communication in one designated place. File exchange in another designated place. Our preferred tool is Google Drive for gathering all our content in one place.

Most importantly we exercise flexibility and willingness to alter our routine a little to help our clients have alternative routes at the ready, so we don’t let the little stressors slow progress along the way.



WEBSITE Maintenance & Updates

We train our clients to easily update content, identify issues and mistakes and keep their sites updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

We are also available to perform maintenance and updates at an additional cost.

Website Hosting Services

FEXP Design provides affordable shared website hosting for our customers. This is generally the most economical option for hosting. When starting a new website from scratch, shared hosting is the best option 99% of the time.

WEBSITE Hosting Services

Website Hosting – Subscription 

$100 US PER YEAR ($200 BZ per year or $16 BZ per month)

What’s included: 

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Unlimited email addresses with 500mb limit
  • Website statistics
  • Free updates for plugins
  • FTP Account
  • SSL
  • HTTPS Enforce
  • Option for protected URL’s
  • 2 Subdomains
  • Site Tools Collaborator (Manage security, install WP, Access File Manager etc.)

Note: Domain Name is not included.

Domain names start at $40 BZ per year.

Logo Design & Branding

Today’s competition between businesses is sky high. To stand out among the sea of businesses, a company needs to be unique and recognizable by customers. A strong brand is what stands behind each successful business. We work with our clients to assure they get noticed by using the 6 creative stages of branding (business goals and brand personality; market and user research; logo design; visual elements of brand; corporate brand style; and style guide).


We use the 6 creative stages of branding to make sure your small business stands out among the crowd. These include business goals and brand personality; market and user research; logo design; visual elements of brand; corporate brand style; and style guide. We work hard to insure that your brand doesn’t miss the eyes of your target audience.

FEXP Design will create a logo for your business for a low hourly rate of $60 BZ per hour ($30 US per hour). We provide you with three logos to choose from and two revisions to your logo of choice. It usually takes roughly 2-3 hours to design your logo after we have gone through the 6 creative stages we use to create your brand.

Salesforce CRM Administration and Support

Properly managing Salesforce requires a thorough knowledge of features and technical details, but outsourcing to experienced Salesforce Administrators makes it easy. To establish a well-managed instance for your organization, you’ll want to work with someone that is an expert in all things Salesforce and who knows how to perform all of the common Salesforce administrative tasks.

Salesforce CRM Administration


  • Managing users and troubleshooting login issues
  • Managing and manipulating data
  • Updating installed applications
  • Creating and modifying reports and dashboards
  • Automating common workflows and processes
  • Modifying page layouts and Lightning components

There is no mandatory minimums or retainers. What you get is a trust worthy, experienced Salesforce Administrator in your Salesforce Sales Cloud instance. All time is tracked with full transparency with digital timesheets. Clients can set monthly or weekly maximums for budgeting purposes.

We only charge $50 BZ per hour ($25 US per hour) pay as you go, for an experienced Salesforce Administrator.

Why Doing Business with FEXP Design Belize is a Win Win for US and Latin American Salesforce Customers

  • Belize’s first language is english but Belize is also a spanish speaking country which expands our ability to provide quality Salesforce Administrative Professional Services to customers throughout much of the Americas (North, Central & South)
  • Belizeans are very intelligent and have began mastering Salesforce Administration, Agile, SCRUM and quality customer care
  • Since Belize has no language barriers, we are able to understand the requirements coming from the customer so that projects are not dragged out and driven over budget due to re-work
  • We are in, or very close to the same time zone as Salesforce customers and a short plane ride to the United States if we are needed for on-site projects
  • Belize has stable high speed internet services
  • Belize has a stable power grid
  • Because of the cost of living in Belize, we can provide our Professional Services at a reduced cost to help Salesforce customers maximize their ROI and cut down on I.T. overhead

SEO Marketing Services

We use proven methods that bring your target audience to your website, such as: keyword research, link building, page optimizations, technical SEO, competitive analysis, and SEO content services.

Small business seo

For small businesses it can be extremely  hard to outrank larger companies with their in-house SEO experts, vast resources, and huge marketing budgets. But FEXP Design makes it possible for you to compete. You’ll get SEO designed just for your small biz, with advanced technical SEO strategies that help you achieve organic search results that are within your budget.

Keyword Strategy

FEXP Design selects high volume keywords that align with search intent to match your business goals. This enables you to strategically focus your SEO campaign so that you get the best ROI.

Unmatched Technical SEO

FEXP Design helps you leverage the 200+ optimization factors that take you to page 1 so you can outpace and outrank your competition.

Small Business Link Building

By acquiring hyper-targeted links to your website, FEXP Design helps you show Google just how small but mighty you are so that you are competing with the heavy hitters in a short amount of time.

Our Process


Business goals and brand personality. Market and user research.


Logo, website design, visual elements of brand. 


Business brand and style guide.


We use the agile design process to divide the functionality into small useful parts that can be delivered independently. 

Featured Work

Belize List

Website Re-Design Project

Mystic River Luxury Eco Resort & Spa

This was one of our favorite projects. Mystic River Resort management and staff are one of a kind and highly focused on their guest and comfort. If you are going to visit Belize, Mystic River Resort is a must stay. Plus they have tons of complimentary activities that will make your stay unforgettable..

Real Estate Website Design and Hosting

Omega Real Estate Belize

Very functional, reponsive, mobile ready, retina display ready Belize Real Estate website.

Coco Farmani Adorn Me Collection
Belize List

Logo, Branding & Website

Belize List Logo and Website

Belize List is a website where small business entrepreneurs can list items like houses, cars, land, clothing etc., they have for sale or services they offer. Creating listings on BelizeList.bz is simple and free.

LOGO, BRANDING & e-commerce Website Design

Coco Farmani The Adorn Me Collection

Beautiful and responsive Jewelry Boutique integrated e-commerce website and logo design. 

Coco Farmani Adorn Me Collection
dekk's seafood san ignacio belize

Logo, Branding & Website

DEKK’S Seafood Belize Logo and Website

DEKK’s Seafood Belize is one of the largest suppliers of seafood in the country. We helped DEKK’s with their logo and website.

e-commerce Website Design

Nicholas Farmani Expressions

This clean and responsive e-commerce site was planned out and completed within 4 weeks and is now becoming profitable. 

nicholas farmani expressions ecommerce website
Mek Ah Si! Belize

Logo, Branding & Website

Mek Ah Si! Belize

Belizean Social Network

Fully functional social network with gamification. Clean, responsive and growing! 

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Hello! I’m Nic. I’ve Been Building Websites for 20 + Years

An IT Business Analyst and Front End Web Developer by trade, I began building websites in 1998 for entertainers and small business entrepreneurs in and around the greater Los Angeles area. I’ve spent the last 10 years building and supporting CRM and Service applications for Fortune 100 companies.

I’m here to help your small business do more than just keep the lights on. I help small businesses become more profitable through automation, stellar eye catching designs and beautiful responsive websites.



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“We worked hand and hand with the FEXP team to redesign our dwendling website presence. Within 3 months we were back up and running and made an additional 10% profit the month after.”

Dave Walsh

“Had a fantastic time working with Nic and his team to design our new business logo. They completed the logo on time and even gave us a discount. I will definately be using their service again.”

Jason Smith

“FEXP designed a new website for my skin care product line. Let’s just say, I made a lot of money and have become a household name. Is it wierd to say that I have a cult following now? Business has been great!”

Brianna Thorn

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